Home of The Red Sunday

Welcome to our website,  here you will find one of the best Tampa Bay area cover bands to emerge onto the Tampa Bay music scene in quite some time. Fronted by a fiery redhead with a wide vocal range, this band has a solid groove set by it’s rhythm section veterans Michael Quale (bass) and John Palumbo (drums/percussion/vocals). What do we hear most from our fans and competing bands….Killer Harmonies, shredding guitarist, tight ass rhythm section. Top that off with a dose of in your face fiery red-head vocals. We play a variety of genres and styles. Our motto is you never know what you will hear next. Maroon 5…sure, Bruno Mars….check! Beatles? Yes! Heck we even toss in a few country tunes to keep everone rocking and having a good time.

The Red Sunday has musical influences from many genres. Our tastes range from Pat Benetar to Alice in Chains, The Beatles and more modern sounds from Gavin Degraw to Maroon 5. We love making music, entertaining a crwod and having a good time with our friends along the way.  We hope to see you at one of our next shows.

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