Meet The Band

Lead Vocals: Robin Quale

10403073_10152754963613763_9168090891021117400_nI started singing at a young age, something I love to do almost as much as talking. In high school I spent 3 years pursuing Musical Theater, combining my love of acting with my singing talent. BUT – I was a terrible dancer and battling stage fright proved too much to bear.  After high school, I took a long hiatus – only singing for the kids in the car and occasionally for a bar full of strangers on karaoke night.

In 2009, I underwent surgery that threatened to change my voice. In fact, there was a chance I could lose it altogether. It was then that I decided to kick my fears to the curb. I vowed to put my talent to good use if I came out of the surgery with my voice unscathed.
I think you know what happened next. 🙂 Although getting here took some patience, love and lots of encouragement from my partner in crime (a.k.a. Michael Quale) and my fantastic bandmates.

Bass: Michael Quale

Michael Quale traces his roots back to the land of the ice and snow. This giant bass banger hails from the land of  big hair, Snooki, bad accents and casinos. Born in New Jersey but raised in the heat of Florida by hippies, his love of playing bass started about the time he discovered girls (about 5 years old). His booming bottom end loves to lock onto a kick drum and get people dancing.

Don’t be afraid of this gentle giant with the Music Man. He’ll keep your foot tapping and your butt wagging! What can we say – rhythm is in his soul! That and a few too many tacos and a Kamikaze or two. He’s all about that bass.


Guitar/Vocals: Todd Edmonds

Guitars(Electric/Acoustic), Mandolin, Lead/Harmony Vocals

I started playing guitar the day I realized the trumpet and french horn wouldn’t allow me to be a Beatle….. then things fell into place…..11840608_1024846824205707_847628497_o

I’ve been fortunate enough to tour and then some with some great bands/artists including: Animation (NYC), Steamroller Picnic (Philly), Crushing Day, Honor Among Thieves (SR-71), Thrill, Rob Byer (Baltimore), Christa Carter, Rain, Adam James (Nashville), Nolen Strong, The Untouchables, Bela Wurtzler, The Dirty Dogz, Tony St. Tone (Florida) and many fun things/projects in between which have taken me coast to coast many times and have allowed me to make a living playing music…..

Not bad for a white boy from Upstate New York….. One must follow the Muse….. and the train rolls on…..



Percussion/Vocals: Stan Arthur

Stan 12022419_10153772413234823_4265038102723015343_o (1)is a filmmaker and musician. He is currently serving as manager of video production at Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Florida. Stan spent 13 years traveling the United States and Canada as an entertainer and motivational speaker before returning to his hometown of St. Petersburg and his first love, making movies. His documentary films have played in film festivals all across the US and have won him best director and best documentary awards. Stan has continued to stay very active in the Tampa Bay music scene since the 1990s, playing for Barely Pink, Vodkanauts, Ditchflowers, Big Brother and more.